InPresence Records 
EST. 2013

InPresence Records was founded in 2013 by former frontman of Apogee, Ed Jervis.

During his years of playing with various groups, he seemed to notice that the trustworthy people he met along the way were few and far between. There are countless stories of artists and bands losing money, losing time and losing confidence in the industry.

InPresence Records has been set up in response to this issue. With openness and honesty at the heart of everything we do, we offer management and mentoring to musicians who want to move their careers to the next level. We can help with a wide range of aspects of being in a band, such as song writing and arrangement, bookings and promotion, and online distribution.

The music industry can be an extremely daunting place to enter into, particularly for young musicians. We here at InPresence Records have an aim and a vision of supporting aspiring artists and bands in a way that allows them to get on with making music. Everything we do is centred around our artists, allowing them to produce their best work.

We also have a wider aim for our artists. Founded with Christian principles at its core, InPresence Records seeks to work solely with artists who have a positive message in their music. 

For information about working with InPresence Records, please take a look at our website at: